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What We Do

We are PodMonkey and we make podcasts.


Whether we're developing a podcast concept all the way from a blank page to mastered mp3 file, or taking your recorded conversation and editing it down into a succinct chat that's ready to stream, we take our work, but not ourselves, seriously.


We take the storytelling skills and technical knowledge built up over a combined twenty five years of working in telly and five years editing podcasts and apply them to podcast production, finding joy in needing nothing more than a laptop and some quality headphones (and a table, if we're feeling quite fancy) to create a great podcast listen.

Who We Are

Matt Lamont | Co-Founder & Creative Director

Matt is an award-winning comedy producer and director by day and a voracious podcast machine by night. He already has a BAFTA but what he really wants on his mantelpiece is a British Podcast Award.

Scott Edwards | Co-Founder & Operations Director

Scott is usually found amongst the cutting rooms of Soho splicing together TV shows in exchange for cash and copious amounts of tea. He loves making podcasts because there aren't any pictures to worry about.

Our Work

What the F*** is Going On?

A PodMonkey and Consec Industries co-production

Each week in this topical comedy series, comedian Mark Steel takes a deep dive into the

state of the UK and the rest of the world, joined by his fellow comedian (and son) Elliot Steel and a special guest.

Listen on : Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Acast | Google Podcasts



The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam Buxton talks with interesting people.  Before PodMonkey was even a glint in our eyes, Matt has been working his cutting and splicing magic with Adam, editing eighty five episodes (and counting) of one of the UK's most popular podcasts.

Listen on : Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Acast | Google Podcasts SoundCloud

A Glass With

Produced and edited by PodMonkey

We recently joined forces with wine expert Olly Smith to take the reins of his celebrity and wine chat-based podcast, refreshing the format and bringing in a new musical package.

Listen on : Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google Podcasts

Sex, Lies & DM Slides

A Heydon Prowse production, edited by PodMonkey

In this Spotify Original Podcast, Gizzi Erskine and Sydney Lima explore the weird, wonderful and sometimes disturbing world of sex and love in the age of social media.

Listen on : Spotify

Tom Watson: Persons of Interest

An ie:entertainment production, edited by PodMonkey

In his 20 years as an MP, Tom got to meet some of the most fascinating people in the world, but often for only about five minutes. Now he's taking the chance to spend a little more time finding out what really makes them tick.

Listen on : Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Acast | Google Podcasts

The Ascent

An Simple Beast production, edited by PodMonkey

Tenzing Private Equity founder Guy Gillon lifts the lid on the inner world and workings of the top, private equity-backed, tech entrepreneurs and CEOs.

Listen on : Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Acast | Google Podcasts SoundCloud

My Life: the Musical

Produced and edited by PodMonkey for Monkey Kingdom

In this non-TX pilot for a proposed series, comedy-rap-jazz duo Harry & Chris interview a celebrity and then in the space of a single day compose and perform a musical based on their life story.

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Who We Are
What We Do
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